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Maintain the Condition of Your Commercial Flooring

Sustain a professional appearance with VCT Tile Cleaning in Lansing, Michigan

Vinyl Ceramic Tile is great for many reasons, such as its long lifespan and extreme durability. VCT is usually installed in busy places like commercial spaces, schools and grocery stores where there is high foot traffic. Because of this, they require frequent VCT maintenance to keep them looking polished and professional.

If you appreciate a clean and orderly environment, it’s in your best interest to schedule regular VCT maintenance so your floors are always shining.

Contact Buff N’ Shine Inc. today to schedule VCT tile cleaning services in Lansing, MI.
See the difference!

When you schedule regular VCT tile cleaning, you’ll notice you stare at the ground a little more. The floors are so clean, it’s like walking on sunshine!

When you schedule regular VCT maintenance, you’ll benefit from:

  • Longer-lasting flooring
  • A professional appearance
  • A clean and healthy facility
  • Savings on floor replacement
  • Smile at the sight of spotless floors. Contact Buff N’ Shine today for VCT tile cleaning and more in Lansing, MI.
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