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Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

SINCE 1989

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Tile and Grout Floors Cleaning

Buff N' Shine

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom Tile and Grout

Let's make your Tile & Grout
look like new again!

We can work magic on the tough grout stains and discoloring between the tiles.

A clean kitchen or bathroom is a beautiful sight. That being said, the bacteria and dirt buildup that has set up camp in your grout over time may seem to stand out. Rest assured, your tile is not ruined. Grout cleaning services are just the thing you need to restore tile and grouts health and beauty.

Would you like professional tile and grout cleaning in Lansing, MI?
Give us a call at Buff N' Shine. We'll be happy to be of service.

When you choose Buff N' Shine for tile & grout cleaning services, you'll soon be enjoying tile surfaces that look brand-new again. We are pros at restoring the original luster and shine of your tile floors and the grout. When you hire us, you can expect quick and affordable results from our effective professional cleaning service.

"If there's something in your grout,
chances are we can get it out!"

Contact Buff N' Shine today to schedule a pro tile cleaning service in Lansing, MI.